Firuzbek & Begzod - Sarsona

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1.  (14.08.2012 05:58)
@HotChikaRose and you're just going to settle with one nubemr her actually trying to dance and leave the rest of the nubemrs just go to waste by her just walking and standing around you call that artistic ??? i mean if her whole show is artistic and comes out kinda dancing on the 1st # i would expect for the rest of the show4 her ass put an effort to WOW! me I mean she is BRITNEY SPEARS it's what she was known for her amazing shows DANCING Putting a Fucking HUGE EFFORT into her shows and now???
Faqat ro'yhatdan o'tgan foydalanuvchilar izoh qoldirishi mumkin. Marhamat ro'yhatdan o'ting!
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