Ibrohim - Bugun To'ying

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2.  (14.08.2012 17:34)
Hey guys! Great to hear from you! It was such a pleasure to meet you and we can't thank you eonugh for your help! Breakfast was sooo good, and a ride to town saved us so much time and $$!! Tank you again! Late Bloomer Treetopper Smokey Super Bubba Spider Sent from my iPhone Christopher Hughes (941) 730-2119
1.  (14.08.2012 17:34)
she is a dancer i relacl her saying that on the For the Record interview . she says she's a dancer and doesn't even do shit! one thing is saying it and the other actually doing it! so like i said i saw HIAM and thats it?? all the dancing she does on this tour How mediocre!!
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